Lifting Your Mood…

Date Published 09 January 2016

Every January we are faced with a media storm reminding us of all the reasons why we should be depressed in January. Throw in the usual smattering of bad news, government warnings on how our lifestyles are harming us and weather that would have given Noah and his Ark a run for his money and it should be pretty much a done deal!

After a Christmas period of over indulgence and over spending we are suckers for all the life changing headlines and ‘tips' on how to feel better. Ironic when that advice is coming from the authors of the doom; spotting the irony yet?! I don't know about you but a deluge of ‘how to improve your situation' with self-reflection techniques, stomach flattening exercises and holiday destinations to book would not give me any respite from the depression I am supposed to be facing.

My advice, stay positive and don't let the media or the weather brainwash you into a January gloom. You will get so much more energy and happiness from proving all the naysayers wrong than any diet or lifestyle advice.

If you are just too tired to buck the January trend of despair, turn off the news and the insanity of Celebrity Big Brother and focus on all the positive things in your life. Laugh out loud, smile at people, do something kind every day and watch uplifting films. A positive mental attitude does wonders all year round but call it your January detox of bad karma and it will definitely be effective.

If all else fails, indulge in the new craze of creating a ‘Toblorange' by wedging Terry's chocolate orange segments between the Toblerone pyramids; that should put a smile on your face. :-)