Face To Face

Date Published 14 April 2016

To cold call or not to cold call, that is the question! Or is it?

Having started a new business that is dependent on building relationships with vendors and buyers alike, the importance of face to face meetings is not lost on me. Meeting with someone and investing time in them can drive a positive emotional experience which generates a level of trust that emails or texts would never have achieved.

Yes, the speed and effectiveness of online communication methods is key in facilitating the house selling process but in our multitasking world where time is money can we really do people justice at the outset by restricting them to a digital world?

Like everyone I am subjected to cold calling and the hard sell approach in my private life. What I was not expecting, however, is the sheer volume of calls in my capacity as a business owner from a myriad of people offering me the world at a 'special one off price'.

This morning alone I have taken 5 calls from telephone operators from Australia to Sheffield who all went to the same school of hard sell. They all know my first name but clearly their background research has delivered little more as they veer from product to product completely uninformed of my needs or aspirations.

I am a people person and have always felt that face to face meetings are the most effective business drivers, especially when fostering long standing relationships. Non-verbal language such as facial expressions, eye to eye contact and body language are all factors that influence our connection with others. It is that connection that ultimately influences our decision on whether to build trust in others, a crucial foundation for any relationship.

In a crowded field what truly sets us apart is our willingness, whilst embracing the benefits of technology, to step outside the virtual world and meet people without any barriers.
We would love to meet you, drop in anytime for a chat.