Back To School

Date Published 29 August 2015

A cousin's FB sharing of a humorous take on a supermarket's rather confused ‘Back to School' offerings make me chuckle before wondering if it was all that appropriate. While this is on first glance a tabloid example of misguided shop signs, it resonates with a fair few of us working parents and probably a fair few more of those stay at home ones!

Being a mother to children between the ages of 10 and 14 I know only too well the perils of the long school holidays. Of course I love having them around, almost as much as I love not having to do the daily school run! However, it really is a long arduous seven weeks of trying desperately to keep them entertained whilst simultaneously bemoaning the fact that they can't entertain themselves!

Yes there were trips out, courses attended and likes/dislikes of all balanced precariously while trying to maintain my sanity and my business! Not the best time to start a new business I admit, especially as the business requires you to be responsive seven days a week and visible for at least six.

We started out well with my husband and I tag teaming between the kids and the office but it quickly became apparent that my husband had played me as each afternoon I beckoned kids away from sheer rock falls, made myself unpopular by insisting that the ‘Danger' swimming sign was obeyed in the local river and sat numb with boredom as they jumped on trampolines. Still, I consoled myself with the fact that all had fun, albeit between the moaning of leaving the devices behind and the indecision of what to do next.

I quickly forgot the exhaustion of that week as I shuttled constantly between home and the holiday course centre. Was I able to book everyone onto the same course at the same times? Don't be silly! It is so much more fun to book three different courses at different drop off and pick up times and be permanently on the road or waiting around with complaining tired children as you pick up the last one.

With the kids back at school this week, the business is still standing and the kids are all in one piece. As I say goodbye to the usually quiet August and welcome the post-holiday season property market picking up I will join the car queues at school and perhaps pop into the supermarket on the way home one evening to see what ‘Back to School' bargains are on offer. :-)