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Post Lockdown Safety Viewing Guidelines 14 May 2020

1. No viewing permitted in properties where a vulnerable person lives.

2. No viewing permitted in properties where symptoms have been shown in any member of the household within the prior 14 days.

3. An assurance of wellbeing sought from all viewers, confirming:

a.... Read More

Prevention not Cure 13 March 2020

We are regularly asked to advise on what renovations a seller should make before they sell to maximise their profit in their home.

More frequently, we are asked if there is anything that a seller should do before they come on the market.

Our detailed answer is different every time and very much dependent on the particular property and the seller"s position.... Read More

What`s Hot, What`s Not – Interiors 13 March 2020



Neutral sofasPatterned sofas
Grey paint Blue paint
Pineapple patternsFlorals and ocean patterns
All white bathroomsStatement bathrooms
Safe neutral kitchensBold, two toned kitchens
Bi-folding doorsCrittall style doors
Straight linesScalloped edges
Plain ceilings Statement ceilings
Linen upholsteryVelvet upholstery

If you have any questions at all in respect of the above or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us.... Read More

Spoilt for Choice - Focus on Results! 22 January 2020

Are you swayed by the many estate agents who promise you the world? Tempted by the carrot of an inflated valuation, or bogus property industry awards? Impressed by the company name and brand?

In a saturated industry, where estate agents are two a penny, you would be wise to cut through the rhetoric and hollow promises and focus on the agent"s actual sales track record (evidenced by Rightmove"s performance data, which is available to all estate agents).... Read More

Striving for Perfection 01 January 2020

We are all guilty of striving for the perfect life, be it house, career, partner, baby but why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? Are we all so shallow as to think that perfection will guarantee a happy and fulfilled life? Perhaps not but then why do we spend so much of our lives seeking it and judging others against it? In every walk of life, we experience a desire to achieve bigger and better in the hope that whatever that attainment will bring will make us happier.... Read More

The TRUTH About Estate Agency Awards 06 November 2019

Written by industry expert: Christopher Watkin "I have always been a little sceptical of estate agency awards. Don"t get me wrong, I am not anti-Estate Agent awards and the vast majority of people that win them, truly deserve them... but I have felt, especially over the last few years, there was something missing from them.... Read More

Referral Fees Overhaul – About Time! 23 January 2019

In an industry beset with a negative image, I have never understood why it would risk further criticism by making referral fees a part of its mainstream income. How can you, with any degree of integrity, recommend a company that is paying you for the privilege? At the point of payment, your credibility in recommending any business falls away and with it your trustworthiness.... Read More

FEBRUARY 2018 GUEST BLOG Mortgage FAQs 06 February 2018

Peter Amor of Amor Financial, independent mortgage specialists: Peter is our go-to mortgage specialist as he and Amor Financial, like us, think outside the box, proactively turning potential problems into successful outcomes. Peter is responsive, providing his professional advice in an approachable and friendly way, cutting through the jargon and ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.... Read More

Delivering on All Our Promises 08 December 2017

We have enjoyed another great year at Flying Fish Properties, achieving excellent results for very satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on a consistent Number 1 ranking in Tunbridge Wells for property views (source: Rightmove Intel) and with a humbling fifty 5-STAR Google reviews from happy clients - we are pleased to say that we are certainly delivering on all our promises.... Read More

Selling Tenanted Properties 01 June 2017

In a market where demand is far outstripping supply is selling your property with a tenant a shrewd investment or a marketing headache? You will of course be drastically reducing your potential market as you"ll be limiting your interested buyers to Landlords alone.... Read More

Property Prices 2017 12 December 2016

Whatever your political affiliations it is fair to say that 2016 has packed a punch and that there will be few amongst us that don"t look back on it with a sense of disbelief. 2016"s air of insurgency blew hard both here and across the Atlantic heralding a looming sea of change from the outcomes of Brexit and Trump"s "Brexit times 10" triumph.... Read More

A Good Time To Sell? 02 July 2016

In answering this question pre-Brexit all estate agents had to concern themselves with was a seasonal dip in interest prompting a defiant response of, ‘spring of course!". This favoured season surpassing the others as buyers are not distracted by any looming festivities or annual holidays.... Read More