Home Sales Bloom in Spring

Date Published 05 February 2016

It has long been considered that Spring is an ideal time to sell your property.

Christmas and the New Year celebrations are over and it's a matter of months before the summer holidays roll round. The buds are blooming in gardens, pots and window boxes and, with luck, the sun is putting in more hours, so homes are looking at their best.

This may be the time to make that move but, whatever the season, make sure the time is right for you and if you do want to sell, get those little jobs that will help sell your home done now:

• Make minor repairs
Don't let a cracked tile or leaking tap put off a potential buyer. If you spend a bit of time and money fixing things now it will avoid any later costly price negotiations as well as attracting more offers in the first place.

• Deep clean
A clean house will sell so present your home as new and make sure the windows shine inside and out, bathroom grout is mould free and the appliances are not covered in last Sunday lunch's grease.

• De-clutter
Time to throw out your junk. If you don't need it and it is taking up space or spilling out of cupboards either store it elsewhere or donate it to charity. A home cramped by belongings not only looks untidy and smaller but it also gives the sense of a lack of storage to a potential buyer.

• Fix the lights
A badly lit house will not create a welcoming reaction so make sure all spent bulbs are replaced and consider including a few well-placed shaded lamps with soft effect bulbs for a relaxing atmosphere.

• Tidy the garden
It may seem obvious but curb appeal and a great first impression will entice more buyers. Clean up your drive and garden and consider placing a few evergreen shrubs around the front of the house for maximum appeal.

• Finishing Touches
A vase of fresh flowers and a bowl of fresh fruit may seem like property sellers' clichés but they really are a welcoming sight for buyers. Finally, pull back the curtains and flood the house with natural light.
If you'd like further staging advice, we are always happy to chat so give us a call.