Hello Darkness, My Old Friend...

Date Published 17 October 2015

If like me, you are a glass half full person you will be looking forward to the 25th October's heavenly gift of an extra hour in bed. Rather than lamenting the end of the light evenings which signal the colder weather.

You will also be brimming with childish excitement for Halloween silliness and Fireworks Night wonder. Dare I say it; you may also be starting to plan your Christmas festivities. I will leave you to your commendable forward planning on that front and remain in denial for at least another month!

The clocks going back for me is a romantic time of carpets of red and golden leaves, cosy warm fires, velvety red wine, oversized woollen jumpers and excited children. It is a nostalgic time where I try to recreate my childhood innocence of fun family times whilst struggling to keep on top of things.

Can you ever be too old for spooky Halloween games or ‘oohing' and ‘ahhing' at the coloured bursts of sparks lighting up the night sky? Of course not! After all, what's not to like about gorging yourself silly on sweets, smiling at the cuteness of the little trick or treaters or marvelling at colourful night skies? To stop enjoying the joys of Halloween and Fireworks Night is in my humble opinion growing old before your time.

So put out your pumpkin, pull on your coats and boots, lock up your pets and enjoy all that Autumn's festivities have to bring.

We recommend heading to Penshurst Place or Hever Castle for spooky activities and Dunorlan Park for fireworks to bring out your inner child!