New Year Wellbeing…

Date Published 14 December 2015

If like me you've been running to keep up this year, you'll be nearing the end of the year with a mixed sense of bewilderment and relief. Stopping to reflect is an indulgence reserved for the very few that are not time deprived. For the rest, the end of the year suddenly creeps up on us when we are least expecting it.

Thankfully I am not one for New Year's resolutions as that would just increase the tasks on my ever growing to-do list! Instead, I have recently decided to give myself end of year pats on the back. This serves two purposes;

(1) I don't have to suffer bouts of self-recrimination for any unmet resolves and

(2) a sense of pride and achievement is an excellent way to end one year and start another.

I can thoroughly recommend it and would encourage you to adopt the same approach. No rules, no set criteria, just recognition for everything that you have accomplished or overcome this year. A feel good factor for the New Year and a high dose of wellbeing to enable us to be resilient to any unforeseen obstacles.

Yes, it's been an incredibly busy year with a change of career, setting up a new business and all the usual pressures of a large family life. I am, however, still standing (no mean feat I can assure you on some days!) and more importantly everyone else is too.

The presents are not yet bought, the shopping not yet ordered and no thought given yet to the festivities. However, in recognition of my year's achievements I have decided to give myself a break and not to worry… well, until the late night shopping nights come to an end at least!

Sending you a pat on the back and best wishes for the New Year!