Prevention not Cure

Date Published 13 March 2020

We are regularly asked to advise on what renovations a seller should make before they sell to maximise their profit in their home.

More frequently, we are asked if there is anything that a seller should do before they come on the market.

Our detailed answer is different every time and very much dependent on the particular property and the seller's position.

However, our response above all else is proper maintenance!

Many buyers can see beyond a lurid paint colour or a dated kitchen, with some revelling at the chance of getting out the paint brushes and putting their own stamp on the property. These are cosmetic changes that won't necessarily break the bank and will enable buyers to achieve their own style and taste, while reaping the benefit of the uplift in value they add.

You do need to remember though, that most buyers won't have additional money for major house repairs after purchase. They will also see leaks, stains, broken tiles as red flags that the property is not being cared for extensively, which will likely mean underlying and costly maintenance issues for them to pick up.

Prevention is much better than cure, so get all those small jobs taken care of as they may become big turn offs for buyers and much more costly problems for you, should the surveyor list them as urgent actions giving the buyer the opportunity to renegotiate and demand repairs.

A maintained home inspires buyer confidence and improves your chance of selling.

If you have any questions at all in respect of the above or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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