Property Prices 2017

Date Published 12 December 2016

Whatever your political affiliations it is fair to say that 2016 has packed a punch and that there will be few amongst us that don't look back on it with a sense of disbelief.

2016's air of insurgency blew hard both here and across the Atlantic heralding a looming sea of change from the outcomes of Brexit and Trump's 'Brexit times 10' triumph. Throw in Leicester City's success and you'd be forgiven for thinking the world had been turned on its head!

The sceptics are all jumping on the band wagon in this uncertain time and forecasting doom and gloom that is enough to send us hurtling back under our duvets, too scared to leave the house.

Fear not, however, as it is not all bad news and there are glimmers of hope amidst the madness.

Rightmove has stuck its head above the parapet and forecast a 2% house price increase in 2017, marking the seventh consecutive year of rising prices.

So, with demand up this November on last year and supply of available stock still tight, grab some certainty with both hands and give us a call to sell your home for you early in the New Year.

Natalie Mackintosh
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